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Photo: M. Pornalis
Mount Pilio covers the entire peninsula of the prefecture of Magnesia and reaches the cape of Trikeri. On this majestic mountain, one finds rich stands of wild chestnut, oak and beech trees. All fruit bearing trees thrive in the Pilio area. Apple, peach, pear, prune, cherry, orange, lemon and naturally, olive trees. In Ancient times it was the place where all therapeutic herbs were collected. It is for this reason that Pilio was also known as “Healer Mountain.” In Pilio one could also find the “konion” (the poison that Socrates took.)

There are very few places in Greece like Pilio where mountain blends effortlessly with the sea. It is an ideal place to visit all seasons, and driving in Pilio is an absolute delight. The mountain has an atmosphere of serenity, which becomes wilder as the weather changes.
Photo: M. Pornalis

There is water everywhere. One finds countless streams in the villages, waterfalls etc. The interchange of mountain and sea reaches an absolute. The beaches have an exotic beauty. Wild coasts along the Aegean Sea and more serene coasts along the Pagasitic Gulf. Pilio is a veritable “miracle of nature”. A perfect combination of mountain, sea and architecture that blends with the natural environment… A place of endless journeys and great cuisine!
Worth Visiting
  • Just about every place in Pilio
The better-known villages of Pilio are:

Portaria. At a distance of 15km from Volos, with traditional buildings, built according to Pilian architectural principles. A town of 1.000 inhabitants. Portaria is an ideal place to relax, with beautiful nature and lovely traditional guest houses and mansions.

Makrinitsa. A village of 600 inhabitants and 15km from the city of Volos. Makrinitsa is replete with maple trees and has a breathtaking view of the city of Volos and the Pagasitic Gulf. It is one of the most representative villages of Pilio.

Worth visiting
  • The Folkloric Museum
  • The Madonna of Makrinitsa
  • The Holy Trinity
  • The central town square
  • The village’s central traditional cafe, where one finds works of folk painter Theofilos
Milies – Vizitsa

Photo: M. Pornalis

Milies have a population of 1,500 and are 28km from Volos.
Photo: M. Pornalis

Vizitsa is about 1km from Milies. Both towns share the beauty of the natural environment and traditional Pilian architecture. Culture flourished greatly during the 18th and 19th century. Milies is the birthplace of Anthimos Gazis (an intellectual who was instrumental in organizing the Greek revolution against Ottoman rule in the 1800s).

Worth visiting
  • Taking a promenade along the streets of both towns
  • The old train station in Milies that is once again in operation.
  • The town library

Zagora is the largest village in Pilio. It has a population of 4,000 and is connected to the
Chorefto Haven. Its beauty is unparalleled which dazzles even the most demanding of visitors. It is the largest fruit production center of Pilio and the entire prefecture for that matter, apples being the largest export
(“firikia” in particular, the local variety.) A place rich in greenery, with chestnut and maple trees and full of streams.

Worth visiting
  • The school where Rigas Ferreos (one of the intellectual leaders of the 1821 Revolution) attended.
  • The town square
  • The Zagora library.

Photo: M. Pornalis
Photo: M. Pornalis

Kissos has a population of 600. It is a village that for all intents and purposes is “suffocating” under the dense greenery.

It connects to the haven of St. John, one of the best seaside resorts of Pilio, with well known beaches such as Papa, Nero (Water) and Ntamouchari.

Located on the east side of Pilio, it is 61km from Volos and has a population of 1,000 It is the largest Pilio village in terms of real estate. Home to undying maple trees, crystal waters and beautiful traditional mansions.

Photo: M. Pornalis
Worth visiting
  • Taking a promenade on the stone bridge
  • The 1,000 year old Maple Tree in the town square
  • Mylopotamos. A magnificent beach..

Photo: M. Pornalis

Located 25km from Volos with few permanent residents. The area apart from its natural beauty is well known for its ski resort. It is located in the area of Agriolefkes (“Wild Elm Trees”.)

Altitude: 1.500m
Skiing courses: 3 – with a total length of 7,5km
3 chairlifts
Chalet for food and shower

At the Agriolefkes ski resort there is a ski instruction center and a ski equipment rental store.

Other places worth visiting in Pilio are Pinakates, Milina, Chorto, Mouressi, Makrirachi, Anilio (“Without Sun”), Platanias, Kala Nera (“Good Waters”), Afyssos, , Agria, Lechonia, Keramydi etc.
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