Cannon Blast

In this game you get to be the captain of a pirate ship, firing your cannon at hostile ships. You move captain with the cursor keys and when a white circle is formed around the cannon, use the up/down arrow keys to aim the cannon and press the space bar to fire! Offered by (UK.)

Hostile skies

Fly a World War I airplane and shoot down hostile fighters, bomb enemy ships and more! Watch out for the landing warning! A fun flying game, controlled by your mouse. Left click to fire and press the spacebar to drop a bomb! Offered by (UK.)


A rather bizarre game with a bizarre soundtrack selection. This one is more like an IQ test, whereby you have to swing a metallic "looper" (?!) and colour all dots yellow. After a few levels it starts getting rather ...complicated! Game controls inlude left/right arrow keys, the space bar and the ctrl button. Offered by (UK.)

Pearl Diver

Dive for pearls and hidden treasures! Within a specified time frame you must dive into shark infested waters, collect pearls and treasure chests and rise to the surface before your oxygen runs out! Before diving fill your oxygen tank with the left/right arrow keys. Once inside the water control your diver with the arrow keys and pick up pearls with the spacebar. Offered by (UK.)


A game created with plenty of imagination. You control a penguin that blasts coloured balls, and your objective is to align three like-coloured ball in a row, creating empty space in order to shoot the prize protected by a wall of ...coloured balls. Be patient with the blank screen until this shockwave game loads. Offered by (UK.)


In prehistoric times the most advance weapon was the .. slingshot! Lead your tribe to victory over hostile tribes! As you advance levels your enemies increase in numbers! Please be patient with the blank screen while this shockwave game loads. Offered by (UK.)

Bubble Trouble

An odd game where you are a little.... devil that attempts to hook bouncing balls. By hitting them they split and get even harder to hit. If you are touched by a bouncing ball you lose a life. You fire with the spacebar and more with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)


You control a bug running on power utility wires... Your objective is to.... stay alive as long as possible! Avoid the hungry birds with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)

Cable Capers 2

You are trapped in the underground surrounded by alligators. Your objective is to get out of the underground. You fire with the "x" key, jump with the "z" key and move with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)

Canyon Glider

A game with excellent... animation. Your objective is to develop enough speed to jump off the cliff and start gliding without killing yourself. Once airborne, attempt to go through as many rotating circles as possible. You pick up speed to jump by pressing the left/right cursor keys as quickly as possible and navigate in the air with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)


A game with very amusing... sound effects!! You are an orange creature whose objective is to detonate bombs without... blowing yourself up. Played with the spacebar and the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)

Fighting School

Select a student and start beating to death anyone that appears on your screen. This one is great for tension relief! Move around with the arrow keys and strike with the spacebar. Developed by Cerberus Studio (Taiwan).

Happy Pill!

Aim the smileys with a pill… The game’s objective is to hit them all without hitting any single one more than twice! Use the mouse to play. This especially entertaining game was offered by Bitmagic (Netherlands/USA).


This game takes us back to the dark ages… You're an archer and your goal is to kill enemy soldiers before they get to you… Make sure to aim for their heads and torsos. Use the up/down arrow keys to aim and hit the Spacebar to launch your arrows. - Developed by Filip Stojanovski (FYR Macedonia).


You are a girl… at least for the purpose of this game. Your objective is to find your way through a labyrinth. This may sound quite simple at first, however, it doesn’t take much to stray from your path and bye-bye mazegirl! Great selection of music on this one… You move with the arrow keys and hit the spacebar to stop running. Developed by Emil Korngold (Netherlands).

Mission Mars

A simple yet very entertaining game! You control a UFO and your objective is to level cities! You fire lasers with the spacebar. Offered by (UK.)

Monkey Lander

A monkey navigates a.... spaceship collecting fruits. As soon as he's collected all the fruits in one level you have to make sure he lands smoothly. Use the cursor keys to navigate. Offered by (UK.)


Perhaps the best-known game in arcade history! No introduction needed... The game is played with the arrow keys. This superb flash remake was authored by Paul Neave (UK).


An ideal game for stress relief!! Armed with a paintball gun you must hit all the smileys appearing in your office! You aim with the mouse and fire with the mouse button. Offered by (UK.)

Panik in Chocoland

The adventures of a space...rabbit in a chocolate factory!! Your goal is to collect all the bombs before your time runs out! Move with the cursor keys and jump with the spacebar. Offered by (UK.)

Penguin Push

Help the penguin to move the ice-blocks to their indicated positions! A seemingly easy game that progressively gets much tougher. You control the penguin with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)


Help the sheep cross over to the other side. A game for quick reflexes! Played with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)

Shoot the Mail

A game that requires lightning fast reflexes! You’re a mailman and your objective is to shoot as much mail in the mailboxes that randomly appear. Try to avoid the cars, dogs, cacti (cactuses?) and generally anything that moves! Move around with the arrow keys and shoot with the spacebar. Developed by Shane Huston at Vencio (USA)

Shootin' Hoops

Basketball in street and stadium variations. You control a player, avoid your opponents and attempt to score as many 3 pointers as possible. You dribble with the cursor keys and shoot with the "x" key. Offered by (UK.)

Slingshot Swamp

Your objective is to hit at least 5 frogs at each level to advance to the next! The game is played with the mouse (click to fire). The longer you keep the mouse button pressed, the further the stone is launched! I personally haven’t managed to get past the ninja-frogs! - Developed by Accompany Software(USA)


This game may appear simple at first but it is not easy! Try to land your spaceship on a platform without using up all your fuel. Slow down before landing to avoid a nasty explosion! I tend to get emotionally involved with this one… Navigate around with the arrow keys. Developed by Kristopher Hooper (Canada).

Supermodel Scrap

Two supermodels beating on each other! Something some of us if not most of us would like to see in real life…. Attack your opponent with your purse, hairspray and lipstick among other things! The game is played with the arrow keys and the spacebar. For more details on combination moves click on “info” once you’ve started the game. Developed by Attic Media (UK).

Tennis Ace

A very entertaining game of tennis. Your player is controlled with the mouse. Offered by (UK.)


A rather unusual and highly entertaining game! Try to hit the moving pea with your player’s tongue to keep it in play! Each time you win you move on to a tougher opponent. You control your player’s jaw with the mouse. Developed by Voodoo UK.


Ever since Zed was a little boy he had a dream. To obtain a golden suit. Help him collect enough golden pieces through 10 levels, to fulfill his dream. You control Zed with the cursor keys. Offered by (UK.)

Alien Clones

You control a four-legged robot and blast away other... robots. A classic shoot-'em-up. You control your robot with the mouse. Offered by (UK.)

Aqua Energizer

A very entertaining game where you control an orange creature that goes by the name "Nemo". You are in the depths of the sea and your objective is to move red balls over the energizer (a blue cylinder with a white arrow) and once it's charged (you will see a blue glow above the energizer) when Nemo is moved over it you advance to the next level. You control Nemo with the cursor keys and the spacebar. Offered by (UK.)


An online adaptation of the boardgame classic. Place your fleet on the board using the cursor keys and mouse, and use the mouse to blast suspected enemy ship positions. Offered by (UK.)

Beach Tennis

An entertaining game of beach tennis. You move your player with the cursor keys and strike the ball with the spacebar. The longer you hold the spacebar pressed, the harder you hit. Offered by (UK.)

Boom Boom Volleyball

A form of beach-volleyball, however, instead of a ball you are dealing with a... bomb!! The more the bomb bounces on your side of the court, the more in danger you are of it exploding and losing the game! You control your player with the cursor keys and the spacebar. Offered by (UK) and (USA.)