For the week beginning: 23/3/2020
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Avoid financial exchanges and devote your time to taking care of your affairs and those of a financial nature in particular. Beware of legal matters, and interaction with people of the law. You will be concerned with travel plans, and you might decide (if you haven't already decided) on a trip which will materialize. This is a period of time of great fatigue. Avoid discussions with members of your family.

It is a fact that this period of time you will be concerned with your romantic and emotional affairs, which are in limbo. Matters from the past will come up which will create difficulties for you personally and your relationship and that will need to be resolved. Your ambivalent behaviour often causes you to feel repressed in your relationship with the result that you leave things unresolved.

Numbers: 3, 8, 35
Day: Wednesday