For the week beginning: 19/8/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

This period in time helps you to view your problems from a different aspect, and brings you into contact with people who have specialised knowledge in the solving of problems. You will feel the need to escape and your need to be far away from stressfull and pressing situations will characterise this period. Let yourself go. Decide to claim what you wish now that people are very positive towards you and willing to give you whatever you wish. Don't allow your good business moments to go unexploited. You might need to give in to something that might not be ideal, but which offers you the certainty that you need so much. Your living space must be improved.

During this time many of you might have to rekindle existing relationships or create new ones. Those who are committed might need to protect your relationship from people you do not know well. Your mate's mood will be to travel. Take advantage of this whenever you have the opportunity. Don't go to extremes, because things could easily break. Be certain that you will regret it later.

Numbers: 5, 18, 31
Day: Wednesday