For the week beginning: 10/12/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

You probably have more stress than you should resulting in more nerves and causing your health to be under pressure. This period brings travel or professional moves to mind, giving you the green light for more lucrative endeavours. A trip abroad or somewhere for the first time, makes you smile in a less… forced fashion. However, time and effort is needed to sort your problems out once and for all, requiring you to be on the move very frequently. Be more careful and do not give rise to dislikes, dissent or negative comments. It is a period during which your sensitivities, mental and practical needs will take on new dimensions.

Love excites you from the first day you began understanding yourself. It is what you seek, it is what you demand, it what you succeeded in having in your life. Luck will not be absent but in order to reach your goals, sacrifices will be required.

Numbers: 15, 23, 30
Day: Friday