For the week beginning: 18/9/2017
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

The positive thing about this period is that you are becoming stronger so that you can put forward what you want in every direction and show that you are ready to defend opinions and feelings, whatever the cost. The most difficult thing for you now, is the realization that those you believed to be close to you, back away when the going gets tough try to hamper, directly or indirectly, life-making decisions which you are trying to make now. A period of great changes is now beginning; that is why you must be extra careful whatever you do, careful of any difficulties and remember, that any thoughtlessness will lead you to a dead end. You are better off psychologically, and that will help you with your relations with others. Perhaps you will need to clean up certain things within yourself in order to succeed with certain aims. At the same time you should be conservative with your words, exercise foresight with your actions and be sensible with your finances. If you exploit this period in an intelligent and realistic manner, you will serve your interests in the best way.

Temper your nerves and ego. Your romantic mood is constantly diminishing and you must do something about it. Perhaps anxiety is the problem. Stay calm!!

Numbers: 9, 19, 22
Day: Friday