For the week beginning: 15/10/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

The first characteristic of this week is your increased desire for communicating, which will make you even more sociable and ready to share your problems and worries with those you feel can understand you. Despite the fact you belong to a sign which is not going through its best period, you have an inner balance and most of the time you face your problems with the utmost composure. It is a time where mistakes are not allowed. It is a time where you must not neglect practical problems, such as your finances, which are about to become more complicated. Responsible handling will take you out of the dead end, and help you to treat the basis for a better future. Under certain circumstances, the reaction of people close to you, in accepting your personal choices, will upset you and force you to make hard decisions. Restrict your need to talk to everyone about everything and showing your cards in all directions. Avoid conflicts in any form and face problems, which concern your family circle calmly. At this time you must play with your luck, and you won't lose.

You will all benefit on the emotional level. You may warm-up an existing relationship or make a new one. A sudden, unexpected encounter may change your mood for the better and in some cases transform, a friendly relationship into something more…….!!!

Numbers: 16, 22, 34
Day: Saturday