For the week beginning: 19/8/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Be assertive wherever possible. Do not hesitate to claim what is rightfully yours. Set your priorities carefully and focus on what your really want. This week favours you. Things are moving along quickly, however, this translates into a lot of work and hypertension for most of you. Take care and remain calm, lucid and healthy and take advantage of all opportunities that present to expand your social activities and your professional plans. Prepare to support those around you since they are in need of your help and understanding. This will make you feel better. You become more cooperative and your communication skills improve. It is a good time for…. travel!

A good friend might get you into “new troubles”, helping you reunite with an “ex”, by giving you some good advice.

Numbers: 3, 29, 38
Day: Wednesday