For the week beginning: 14/10/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

This period could bring you fairly good financial results as long as you turn your attention to that area. You are still filled with anxiety and stressed, but you know the reasons. You must learn to control yourself. Accept reality and slowly start facing it. Begin as though it were a fresh start, with new and great aims. During this period everything seems to be going well at work, so continue with new openings, a change in tactics and concentrate on your strategy.

You needn't be suspicious of those who do all your bidding and are good to you. Your need for camaraderie is increased and makes you want, even with some giving in on your part, to maintain an atmosphere of calm in your relationships and collaborations. However, during this period you must be very careful, no matter what you do. You must keep your impulses in check as well as your exaggeration, and it will be a very positive time for all of you who show moderation.

This is a favourable time to involve yourself with your romantic affairs. Your need for romance is high and itís possible for you to meet a certain person who will stir your interest if you are alone. If you arenít alone however, and you donít wish to remain alone, you must spend more time to the benefit of your relationship and your love.

Numbers: 10, 28, 35
Day: Wednesday