For the week beginning: 19/2/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

In a time of change for you where your professional life is not going as you wish, and understanding with people you love is difficult, you friends may support you, providing you don't go into an "introvert" mood and close your eyes to opportunities or whatever good is approaching your life.In financial affairs you lack moderation. Therefore sometimes you are very "stingy" and other times overly wasteful. At work strive for productivity, a raise and an overall improvement in working conditions.

This period finds you "up in the air". You don't exactly know what you're after. This is not a bad thing as long as you admit to it. You have increased possibilities to form relationships which for some reason will remain hidden. A relationship is heading towards dissolution, however, a new acquaintance makes you reconsider many things. Your romantic mood is down. Too much anxiety… A trip is always good for relaxation, rest and new acquaintances. The stars say that this period is in your favour...

Numbers: 2, 18, 28
Day: Thursday