For the week beginning: 18/2/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

At work there will be changes and new decisions which you must abide by. Some decision may be announced to you which will concern your future. Finanically however, this time is extremely positive for you. You don't have to move your little finger in order to improve your situation. You have an acute sense of how to manage your budget and very good intuition. Trust it. Don't trust games of chance, however.

In the romance area, this time shows that you are in a fairly passive state. If you are attached, allow your partner to take the reins. If you are alone, you will meet a dynamic and responsible person, fairly domineering, before whom you will have to give in if you want your relationship to succeed. It seems that you lack the will, don't go wherever the wind blows.

Numbers: 5, 29, 30
Day: Tuesday