For the week beginning: 9/12/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

One incident after another will occur during this week. Nervousness will be present on your part, unforeseen events as well asÖ. indisposition. However, there will also be successes, which even though they do not concern you, will light your spirits. Your batteries will be charged. Tensions and preparation for change occur. Forget people who do you no good in your life. Feel free and do not reject the opinions of people who donít agree with you and who you donít understand. Certain people far away are interested in your problems and gossip about you. Look out for your health.

Forget unpleasant experiences and try again where you are truly interested. Prospects are good in spite of your worries and nervousness. You go after more than what is offered you and you promise more than what you can keep. As a result, you remain alone and do not make the most of real opportunities.

Numbers: 5, 17, 31
Day: Saturday