For the week beginning: 18/2/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

I don't think you find time for rest during this period. Conversations and constantly being on the move are keeping you under continuous tension. Of course, it would be good for you to be careful while traveling and with what you say. Doing the opposite will harm you. For many there will be repeated family arguments. In your work make the most of your ability to make verbal contracts. Put all of yourself into professional plans, and don't neglect your finances. Focus and try with tenacity. Avoid opposition at work, and don't be touchy or abrupt with people you love... Because you also have no greater need than tenderness... and money!!

Your sentimental affairs are progressing smoothly. There is a possibility you will make an interesting acquaintance, or you will make a serious decision concerning a relationship which you initially believed was fleeting. Particularly for women... the stars during this period ensure an increase in charm.

Numbers: 21,29,38
Day: Wednesday