Blondes part I

Why did God create blondes?
For fun...

Why do blondes have difficulty writing the number 33?
- They don't know which 3 comes first...

Why do blondes sit in front of a mirror with their eyes closed?
Because they want to see what they look like when they're asleep...

Why do blondes spell using very small letters?
So that the spelling mistakes are hardly visible...

A blonde girl opens the kitchen door and asks her mother who is busy cooking.
-Mommy, can a ten year old girl get pregnant?
-Of course not, replies her mother.
Then the girl turns towards her friends an yells:
-OK guys. We can f$#k freely now!

A blonde enters a bookstore and is going through some books.
In the end she picks one and asks the clerk:
- "Is it good?"
- "It's Hemingway's ma'am"
- "Oh! I'm sorry I thought it was for sale"

In which month of the year do blondes screw things up the least?
In February which has the least days...

What do you call a mosquito entering a blonde's ear?
A space invader...

How do you single out the 10 smartest blondes among a group of 30?
You choose at random...

How does a blonde succeed in screwing up the most in one day?
- She gets up very early in the morning...