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Drawing on your computer!

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make drawings on your computer!
  • Click the  button
  • highlight Programs, then highlight Accessories and click on Paint
note: The accessories folder placement may differ from our screenshot

The Microsoft® Paint program window will appear as a white surface surrounded by the program's menu and buttons .  Think of this white surface as your painting's canvass!

On the left hand side you will see a series of buttons, one of which will appear depressed.
This depressed button is the drawing tool you are using.  In our example, the
pencil   tool is already selected.

  • Move the mouse pointer above the white surface (your canvass), click your mouse and while keeping the mouse button pressed move the pointer
You will notice that a line will form, tracing your motion!  With a little bit of practice you will be able to make drawings that more or less resemble what you have in mind!
  • To switch drawing tools, left click on another tool button.  For instance, if you want to use the airbrush tool, click on the  button.
  • To switch colours, click on one of the colors on the colour-palette
  • To erase ... left click on the eraser button, and while keeping the mouse button pressed start moving your pointer along the area you want to erase!
Experiment with other drawing tools and colours and when you're done....

  • Click on File, then highlight and click on Save As...
  • type in a name for your drawing (e.g. "masterpiece") and click on the Save button
When you save a drawing, you are taken to the "My pictures" folder.  This is where you'll look for your drawing whenever you want to impress a friend with your artistic talent!

note: the "My pictures" folder is located inside the "My documents" folder

To print your drawing...

  • click on File, then select and click on Print...
The printing dialogue box will appear.  Make sure your printer has paper, ink, is turned on and..
  • click on the OK button
Is it printing? If not and, then you probably haven't set your printer up properly.  Read your printer's manual and specifically the instructions on connecting and installing it.  If you're not keen on reading instructions, call the printer manufacturer's technical support department.  You will find their phone number on the manual.  In any event, did you succeed in printing your drawing? When you're done, take a magnet and place your drawing on your refrigerator!

Now you know how to draw, save and print your drawing on your computer!!!

Screen shots reprinted by permission from Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft® Paint is a  registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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