Grevena hotels


The Amadriades Boutique Hotel is located on the outskirts of the village Alatopetra, Grevena, at an altitude of 3149ft, near the ski resort in Vassilitsa. It is built in the traditional way within verdant surroundings and consists of 6 stone buildings. The hotel offers 7 two-room suites, each with its own character. They are fully equipped and beautifully decorated with country style furniture, bronze lighting and ceramic handmade objects. The accommodation features bathroom, Jacuzzi, living room, fireplace, satellite TV and there is a residence with sauna for four persons.


(+30) 24620 25034
fax (+30) 24620 25033
mobile (+30) 6944 426696


The La Moara is located just outside Krania Grevena at an altitude of 960m (3149ft). It is situated in a lush green environment with beech and fir trees on the mountain slopes of Pindos and is a perfect place to stay as it combines the beauty of the landscape with the luxury and class of the accommodation. The La Moara hotel offers its guests 1 single room, 8 double rooms and 4 three-bed rooms. All the rooms have a great design, each with its own style, are comfortable and of course fully equipped with all comforts.


(+30) 24620 86401
mobile (+30) 6978 440814