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The Aggelon Katafygio hotel is located in Aspraggeloi in Zagori. It is built in the traditional style and stands out for its wonderful aesthetic appeal and its warm hospitality. It offers its guests 13 double and 3 triple rooms. All the accommodation has a unique décor, is fully equipped and offers bathroom, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, central heating, telephone and a wonderful mountain view. Some of the rooms have a fireplace. The hotel combines perfectly the simplicity of the landscape with the luxury of the services provided.


(+30) 26530 22223
mobile (+30) 6945 753869


Archontiko Krana hotel is located in Aspraggelous, Zagoria. It is 28km (17 1/2 miles) from Ioannina and 10-15km (6 - 9 1/2 miles) from all the villages and sights in the area. It is built according to the traditional architectural style, in complete harmony with the natural environment. It offers wonderful rooms, each with its own style, name and colour. All rooms have a wonderful design, are fully equipped and feature luxurious, latex mattresses, satellite TV, TFT screen, telephone, independent heating, room service, bathroom set, wireless Internet...


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mobile (+30) 6937 363071
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'Archontiko Tzoufi' is located in the the beautiful village of Kapesovo, Zagoria, in the village square next to an ancient plane tree. It is a two storey mansion that dates back to 1700, that was restored with care according to the traditional architectural style of the area and is now a guesthouse. A guest house, with a hayati (open-air room), stone courtyards, wooden floors, carved ceilings that features wonderful rooms with traditional décor. All the rooms are very comfortable, with wooden doors, large and cosy bathrooms and television.


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mobile (+30) 6942 601217
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The Athina Hotel is located in Elati village in Zagori, in beautiful surroundings. It is 30km (18 3/4 miles) from Ioannina town. It is built according to the traditional architectural style of the area and has a fantastic view. It offers its guests all the comforts and luxury of a modern hotel. It consists of three buildings and offers 12 double and triple rooms. All the accommodation is fully equipped with Internet access, TV, telephone, mini bar, fridge, autonomous heating... The hotel alsofeatures amenities for the disabled.


tel/fax (+30) 26530 71540
mobile (+30) 6947 812488


Elafotopos is located on a hill in the centre of the Zagoria region, at an elevation of 1,100m (3,600ft.) Elafotopos Guesthouse is an old mansion refurbished in 2015 and transformed into a guesthouse with 4 fully equipped rooms. On the ground floor there is a sitting room for breakfast and meals, with authentic traditional Zagori flavours. The hotel welcomes its guests with the warm smile of Mrs. Eleni who makes you feel right at home.


(+30) 26530 71001
mobile (+30) 6945 453960
mobile (English) (+30) 6945 453960


In Papigo, a picturesque village in Zagoria villages in Ioannina, in a very advantageous area opposite the imposing Astraka you will find Kaiti hotel. Manager of the hotel is Mrs Kaiti Papakosta and she guarantees pleasant residence, excellent service and warm, friendly atmosphere.


tel (+30) 26530 41118
tel/fax (+30) 26530 41422
mobile (+30) 6946571298

traditional hotel

Kipi Suites is a complex at the highest point of the traditional village of Kipi in Zagori, with an unlimited view. It consists of two restored 1850 houses that are surrounded by three others that were built in the local architectural style. It offers its guests eight unique, luxurious, fully equipped, independent suites with fireplace and hydro-massage. The interior design is modern with well-known brands. Worth visiting is the wine bar with more than 60 Greek wine labels.


(+30) 26530 71995
fax (+30) 26530 71996


The Lakis Rooms are located in Megalo Papigo of the Zagori region and have been in operation since 1983. It is a family-run business that offers its guests impeccable accommodation in a traditional environment with modern amenities. 5 double rooms in total, that can be converted to triples or quads. All feature bathroom, telephone, TV, central heating and A/C. Two rooms additionally feature a fireplace. The Lakis Rooms also feature a bar and grocery store to cater to all your needs.


(+30) 26530 22515
& (+30) 26530 41087 & (+30) 26530 41120
fax (+30) 26530 41122


Machalas is a new complex which is located in the settlement of Kipi in the Zagori region. It is built in a half acre garden, according to the traditional architectural style of the area and offers its guests 10 independent apartments that can accommodate from 2 to 4 people. All the rooms have their own garden, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom with hydro-massage cabin, independent heating, Cable TV, DVD player, and ISDN line for Internet access. The unit also features suites with Jacuzzi - hydro-massage.


(+30) 26530 71976 & (+30) 26530 71630
fax (+30) 26530 71200
mobile (+30) 6944 435100

guest house

Traditional Inn "Nikolas" is located in the wonderful village of Koukouli in Zagori. It is a newly-built guesthouse (2009) with the beautiful characteristics of the local architectural style. It consists of 5 double, 5 triple - quad rooms and an apartment. They are comfortable, romantic and warm with independent central heating. All rooms feature a fireplace (at extra charge if used), TV, DVD, hairdryer, bathroom products, kettle and free supplies for hot drinks, mini bar with free refreshments. Breakfast is served in the guesthouse's main hall with its fireplace, as well as local appetizers with traditional tsipouro until late at night.


(+30) 26530 71721
(+30) 26630 91062
mobile (+30) 6932 641888
fax (+30) 26630 91369


"Papaevangelou Hotel" is located in the settlement of Megalo Papigo, in a lush green environment with a magnificent view of Mount Astraka, where the visitor can enjoy unique hospitality. It is a new building, created according to the traditional architecture of Zagori, and offers 10 rooms and 4 studios, all fully equipped. The hotel also features a lovely garden, parking space, a bar, a reception area and a breakfast hall where you can enjoy the excellent traditional flavours.


(+30) 26530 41135
fax (+30) 26530 41988

boutique hotel

Zagori Suites hotel has a wonderful location, at the entrance to Vitsa village in Zagori. It is a newly built complex that offers luxurious residences designed according to the traditional architectural style of the Zagoria. The Zagori Suites hotel consists consists of 5 two-floor houses and 2 suites. All units are designed with a wonderful style up to the last detail and are fully equipped. They feature A/C, fireplace, satellite TV, fully equipped kitchen, hydromassage - Jacuzzi, room service and parking. Open all year round.

MHTE 0622K10000145101


(+30) 26530 71076
mobile (+30) 6944 342739

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Zissis hotel has a wonderful location in Aristi, one of the 45 picturesque villages of Zagorochoria. It is built according to the traditional architectural style in stone and wood. It is very close to the National Park of Vikos - Aoos, Voidomatis river and Vikos gorge. It is 48km (76,8 miles) from Ioannina and 40km from the town's airport. It offers its guests 17 fully equipped rooms that feature a bathroom, central heating, fridge, TV and a unique view of the National Park. The hotel also features a wonderful restaurant that offers a variety of local specialties with local produce.


(+30) 26530 41088