For the week beginning: 20/1/2020
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Conditions are changing as far as your professional life, your love life and outlook are concerned. This will have a direct effect in all other areas of your life. You will notice a small decline, particularly in professional matters, which may result in a moderate reduction in income. Exercise foresight in your decision making, to ensure that this situation is only temporary. It should not concern you. It will pass quickly without leaving a trace. If, however, you do not exercise foresight, the consequences will be long lasting. Initiative may lead you to a temporary impasse. However, it is certain that it will help you discover more profitable paths.

Make the time to go out and have fun with your loved one. Let loose. Pondering over problems will not solve anything. As far as love making goes, choose the safe route and do not take any risks.

Numbers: 10,13, 20
Day: Thursday