For the week beginning: 22/4/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

This week brings on a revolution in relationships and ideas. It offers you unique opportunities to help, stand out from the crowd, rise above dissent, go and live on your own, find new companions or business associates and become more rational where your financial management is concerned. In you professional life things will change to your benefit. You will come across interesting people, you will get acquainted with new things that you will admire, and they will become the reason to temporarily lose your standards of rational judgment. Guard you private life as much as possible.

Your relationship takes on a new dimension this period It is an ideal time for those that have a relationship, and are getting along well during the past few weeks. If, however, there was dissent and melancholy, then you are better off saying goodbye. You must have more imagination. You can do everything, just do not go overboard with your spending!

Numbers: 15, 16, 26
Day: Friday