For the week beginning: 9/12/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Financial affairs monopolize your thoughts. Your income may increase, but so will your impulses to consume. Be ready to choose your position on every matter correctly. Avoid confrontations and don't present your opinions in a pugnacious manner. A friend may approach you anew, which circumstances or a misunderstanding had estranged. Accept with open arms all those who show you their love. This period is favourable for friendly contacts, travel, and for improving your relations with relatives. Nerves still are a part of your life and actions, and you respond very readily to all challenges made. Exercise caution. Your mood will be extroverted and the way you present your wishes to those near you will be very egotistical and exaggerated.

This time will make you more impulsive, will increase your emotional needs and of course, your need for conquest. However there is great danger, if you have a relationship, for it to fall apart before you actually realize it. Be careful!!!

Numbers: 12, 27, 33
Day: Monday