For the week beginning: 24/6/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Your love life is moving onto a new level, you have taken care of your problems and you are calmer and more certain about what you are doing now. As a matter of fact, others are actually discussing how calm your life is. If you would like to undertake some changes in your relationship; positive changes that is, do it quickly. In your professional life avoid making certain investments. More so if you are managing other people’s money. The stars, as you are probably aware, are not in your favor at this time Make sure you relax and calm down… If you cannot do this on your own, follow an exercise program or do some yoga… and if this doesn’t work out, then it’s up to science! The advice of a good doctor is always useful.

The stars are not in your favour at present… With some patience, however, everything will be back in place, as long as you are not passive…. and start taking matters into your own hands.

Numbers: 12, 16, 31
Day: Wednesday