For the week beginning: 18/2/2019
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Although some events will force you to have limited time and space, you do not have the intention to find the way, to make time for those you are interested in or love. Do not challenge proposals before you are convinced that you are not interested in them. Move in an organized fashion where finances are concerned and do not leave opportunities unexploited. Naturally, in the end you will succeed. Remember the ancient Greek saying, moderation in everything leads to excellence (“pan metron ariston”). You have a sense of non-satisfaction that does not allow you to enjoy the results of your work. You are slightly negligent where your physical condition is concerned, however, you will understand this and become more careful.

Love will be a fixed part of your daily life this week You feel more upbeat and the single most important reason for this is your emotional life. For some of you, this is a time of shifting plans with developments in your personal life. Erotically, you will experience or attempt substantial changes.

Numbers: 15,29,31
Day: Thursday