For the week beginning: 13/8/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

You must not doubt your abilities. Minor mishaps that have greatly irritated you, are completely coincidental and unrelated to your professional ability. Avoid doing things hastily or thoughtlessly, without taking into account the long-term consequences of your actions. A business venture, a radical change on the family front, a change in residence or work, are among the possible scenarios that may occur during this period. Do not discuss personal and business affairs with third parties. Financially you may undertake some risk and succeed.

You must exercise abundant caution on the emotional front these days. As far as love-making goes you are quite lucky, recovering “lost ground” from previous months. Your susceptibility to aggravation, however, may negatively influence your partner so make a conscious effort to harness it.

Numbers: 1, 14, 27
Day: Friday