For the week beginning: 15/10/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

At home and within the family many tensions and disagreements continue to exist. In spite of this, at work you have many possibilities of success. Your loved ones demand many things from you, and that confuses you and gets you thinking. For a while return to old habits. In the meantime do not give reasons for comments from your social circle, and do not create grounds for new misunderstandings. Your family affairs are going through a phase of new developments and you might need to avoid a move or to finalize the severing of ties.

Unexpected events will create tension and will once again, make you forgive your other half. Because at this time it is not possible and you cannot control situations and feelings, try not to make decisions… Time is in your favour!

Numbers: 4, 7, 21
Day: Monday