For the week beginning: 10/12/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Excursions and trips are at the centre of your attention at this time. Watch out for exaggeration and wild spending. You will face financial problems. Make sure you are legally covered for anything you might undertake. Learn to listen to those around you since they are willing to help you and above all use your logic. All your attention is focused on discussions and meetings which have to do with your work. Do not take situations and talk, so seriously.

Your romantic life concerns you greatly at this time. Let others show their feelings towards you and take the initiative. Those of you who are in a relationship are not doing too well and might split up. For those of you who are single, there will be opportunities for new acquaintances. Avoid antagonistic and aggressive behaviour because it is certain there will be moments of stress.

Numbers: 13, 28, 37
Day: Wednesday