For the week beginning: 23/3/2020
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

Even if your daily actions show extroversion in reality you are undergoing a period of extreme introversion, a period which will help you take stock, and where you'll have hidden thoughts and feelings from those near you. You have begun a new more positive cycle in your life. This time promises to give you financial comfort but increased spending as well which you must be careful of. Luck is not on your side... Some of you may face complicated family and financial issues In each case, maturity and realism must guide your actions and decisions.
Take advantage of and stabilize whatever you have acquired and don't leave a void in your relationships. Moreover don't be abrupt with someone close to you who appears to be having problems. For your psychological problems, the only cure is action, entertainment and facing them calmly.

Something very positive is in your life, and promises to those who can find it, to make your daily life much more beautiful. This period is of significant importance concerning marriage, permanent relationships, and flirting. Your romantic feelings are high. Don't go to extremes when you feel your partner is being absolute in his opinions.

Numbers: 5, 29, 30
Day: Tuesday