For the week beginning: 13/8/2018
(note: dd/mm/yyyy date display)

At this time your reputation and fame might shine in your social circle. First take care of your work, and then you will be free to meet your friends and have fun. If you are down psychologically, try not to afflict others with your despondency. Set aside time to relax. Reading a book with auspicious subject matter can work wonders. It is a good time for purchases. The new options in your career and the planning you are carrying out need a great deal of effort and work on your part.

Try once more to rekindle your partner's interest. You must be very careful with your ego, because this is the main reason your relationship is constantly on shaky ground. Some of you feel that their partner wants to take the reins of the relationship and there will be fights concerning unimportant matters. Strong feelings and moods will reveal themselves, making you isolate yourself from your environment.

Numbers: 9,15,20
Day: Tuesday